A beautiful bathroom with open spaces, a spa-tub, and a walk-in shower.

Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom remodel is a great way to update the look and feel of your bathroom while also increasing the value of your home. If you are looking to have your bathroom remodeled in order to update its style or to get rid of mold and worn out parts, contact Acme. Our expert team can help you design the perfect bathroom that caters to your individual needs, and then we’ll take care of the entire installation process. From replacing bathroom tiles to installing new fixtures and cabinets, we can take care of the entire bathroom remodeling process. Contact us today for a consultation about your bathroom remodel.

Replacing Bathroom Tile

Tile bathrooms have a polished and beautiful look to them. At Acme, we offer a wide variety of tile options to suit any style preference. You can trust Acme to help you design the perfect look to tie in with your home and vision.

Bathroom Floor Tile Replacement

Close-up of newly installed shower tile

Tile floors offer a unique shine and beauty to your bathroom. They are easy to clean and very low maintenance, making these floors perfect for a busy household. Furthermore, tile doesn’t gather stain easily, nor does it create a welcome environment for mold. Acme offers several different bathroom tile options to help you create your dream bathroom. Once you have chosen your look, Acme will come in and perform an expert installation service. You can count on us to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Bathroom Wall Tile Installation

Wall tile provides the same easy maintenance and mold and stain resistance as floor tile, which is perfect for any household. When Acme installs bathroom wall tiles, we make sure to use a grout color that complements your tile, giving it an added pop. We also know the perfect techniques to make a smaller bathroom feel larger, such as placing small tiles on the walls, and can even help you create a rustic look by using wood or porcelain tiles. We can even install an accent wall to help your bathroom’s design pop.

Replacing Bathroom Faucet

Older bathroom faucets are at a high risk of springing a leak, increasing your water bill and leaving your bathroom a mess. Most bathroom faucets last about 10 years but can develop plumbing problems as early as 8 years. In addition, old faucets and fixtures tend to be dated and ugly. While you are remodeling your bathroom, consider replacing your bathroom faucet. Acme can help you find your perfect bathroom faucet to fit in with your new bathroom design. Our faucets and fixtures are stylish and will last you a long time.

Bathroom Sink Cabinet Installation

Do not let your new bathroom design be ruined by a moldy sink cabinet; allow Acme to help restore the look of your bathroom sink by installing a new beautiful bathroom cabinet. Acme can help you find the perfect bathroom cabinet to match the style of your newly remodeled bathroom. Most bathrooms require a sink cabinet that is 18-30 inches but we can install sink cabinets up to 72 inches for master bathrooms. We usually place our bathroom sink cabinets at the perfect height – 30-35 inches – but we can adjust this height to meet your individual needs.

If you’re wanting to keep your existing cabinets, we can refinish them for you to refresh their appearance. Whatever your preferences are, we can make it work.

Indoor Bathroom Remodeling – Dallas/Fort Worth

If you are looking for the perfect bathroom remodel, then contact the experts at Acme today. We use only the best material and practices when working inside your home. We’ll make sure that your new bathroom is installed correctly and matches your style preferences. For all of your home remodeling and roofing needs, contact us today.