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Turbine Ventilators

heading-bullet Ventilation Products

Original Whirlybird® wind turbines

These are exhaust vents and require proper intake to create a balanced ventilation system (Click here to learn more about intake systems).

Common Features

  • Permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance.
  • Riveted at every connection.
  • 21 air-foil curved vanes with rolled vane edges to deflect water.
  • Exclusive vari-pitch base adjusts to 12/12 roof pitch.
  • Large flashing for easy installation.
  • Tested to withstand winds of 147 m.p.h.
  • Forever Guarantee – residential use only.

BIB Series

Internally braced all aluminum turbine ventilator.


BEB Series

Externally braced all aluminum turbine ventilator.



Galvanized steel turbine ventilator available internally & externally braced.