A fly by night roofer pitching his sales call in the entryway of a house while a woman with the door open listens

When strong storms hit, hail, strong winds, pounding rain, ice, or snow can all greatly damage your roof. After the storms pass, you may get a visit from a “roofing professional” claiming that they can fix the damage to your roof at an unbelievably low price. While these offers can seem like a dream come true, it is important to know the difference between a true roofing professional and a Fly-By-Night Roofer.

Characteristics of a Fly By Night Roofer

Fly By Night Roofers are generally uninsured salesmen who go door to door after a severe storm strikes. They make great claims about the quality of their work and use flowery language to make you believe that you are getting a fantastic deal for their services. If you choose to hire them for roof repair, they will often ask for 50% of the total as a down payment for the work and then disappear without either performing any of the work or only doing part of it. Even if they do finish the work they promised, it’s always shoddy and never carries warranties.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Scam and A True Roofer

If someone comes knocking on your door claiming to be able to fix the leak or replace the missing shingles on your roof for a great price, look for these signs to determine if they’re a Fly By Night Roofer:

No Proof of Insurance

Always ask anyone performing work on your roof for proof of insurance. Not only is insurance often a requirement for contractors, but a lack of insurance is also a good sign that a roofer is not genuine. In addition, hiring an uninsured roofer to work on your home could potentially make you liable for any accidents that occur while the work is being done.

Lack of Knowledge

Any true professional roofer should be able to fully explain the work that they will be performing on your roof and give you clear directions on how to maintain your roof after the repairs. If a roofing company is trying to get, you to hire them, make sure to ask them about the work being done, how long they have been in the business, and questions about the company they work for. If they try to change the subject or have no answers to your questions, you can be confident that this roofer is a Fly By Night Roofer and not a trained roofing professional.

Outrageous Deals

It is easy to get excited about the low cost of a Fly By Night Roofer’s offer, but the low price means low quality. If their estimate for the work is incredibly low, you can be pretty sure that they are trying to scam you. Also, it is important to note that no legitimate roofing company will ask for half of the total price upfront as a down payment. If the roofer in question is demanding this for their work, turn them away immediately.

Lack of Online Presence

Nowadays, an online presence is vital for company success. However, Fly By Night roofers will usually lack a website or any other viable proof that the company wasn’t created the very same day. At the very least, a company should have online reviews; if they don’t, you can be pretty confident that you’re being scammed.

Hire Legitimate Roofers After a Storm

In the aftermath of a severe storm, Fly By Night Roofers will try to gain a quick buck by taking advantage of you. It is always best to look for legitimate roofers that you can rely on for good work. If you are looking for a roofer to repair or replace your roof after it has been damaged, call the professional team at Acme Roof Systems, Inc. We offer professionalism, quality materials, and great warranties, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best work possible.