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Texas summers are notorious for their severe weather. Booming thunderstorms that bring whipping winds, heavy rainfall, and hail have the power to wreak havoc on a roof. For businesses, this can be a huge problem as roof damage can lead to equipment, merchandise, or their clients’ and employees’ health being at risk.

What should you be on the lookout for when checking your commercial roof for storm damage? Here is a list of signs that can help you spot trouble:

Signs of Roof Damage From Heavy Rain

Most roofs are built to withstand heavy rain but, if the roof was not installed properly, a storm can expose its weak spots. Weaknesses in your roof can lead to major issues such as leaks, hideous brown water stains on the ceiling, or improper drainage that can lead to increased weight and strain on your roof.

If these weaknesses aren’t taken care of, you may have to replace your commercial roof sooner than expected and deal with costly repairs for water damage. All of this leads to your business being set back, which can be detrimental to the success of your business.

Here is how you can tell if your roof has sustained damage during a heavy rainstorm:

Leaks: Heavy rainfall can cause water to pool up on your roof. If your roof has improper drainage or has faulty seals near chimneys or sunlights, the rainwater can congregate in these areas and slowly leak into the roof. Not only can this damage merchandise and cause mold and mildew on walls and flooring, but it can also produce a slipping hazard. It is best to get these leaks taken care of immediately to avoid a lawsuit or damaged goods.

Water Stains: Sometimes leaks are readily apparent. If you notice water stains on your roof or walls, this can be an indicator that a leak is happening in a place where you can’t see it. If this isn’t taken care of, it can weaken that area of your roof or wall, leading to cracks or holes. These leaks can also create a prime breeding ground for mold or mildew, creating a dangerous situation for employees and your customers.

Musty Smell: If you or your employees complain of a musty smell inside of the building, there is a good chance that water has breached your roof or the exterior walls. Not only is this smell unpleasant but it can also be a sign of a much larger issue than just a leaking roof. It is important that you get a trusted roofing contractor to inspect your roof for any signs of leaking or other potential problem areas.

Signs of Roof Damage From Hail Or Debris

A roof with shingles that have been cracked and broken by hail

Stronger storms often carry the chance for hail or strong winds with debris that can cause impact damage on a roof.

When inspecting your roof for hail or impact damage, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Keep a Lookout for Damaged or Missing Shingles: If your commercial property has a shingled roof, you will need to do a visual inspection of it after it is hit with hail or whipping wind. If you notice any shingles curling, cracked, or missing, then you can be sure your roof has sustained some damage.

Inspect the Ground as Well: If you don’t see any damage on the roof, don’t assume that there isn’t any. Sometimes impact damage can be hard to spot. Instead, look around your company’s yard or parking lot for signs of debris. If there is some scattered across the yard, there is a strong possibility that debris could have struck your roof.

It is always important to get a roof inspection after a severe storm to ensure that your roof is still standing strong. Any damage that is not taken care of can lead to further problems during the next storm, such as moisture getting trapped underneath damaged shingles. This can lead to your roof being weakened as the water forces bubbles or blisters, harming your roof deck or membrane.

A Commercial Roofing Company You Can Trust

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